Opportunity Knocks: 8 Business Ventures in the World of Cover Crops

There are many different aspects of production in the world of cover crops. In this post, let's explore how these present business opportunities, from seed to crop.


Cover Crops: Ecosystem Superheroes

This is the second in a series of posts that explore the world of cover crops. Much gratitude, again, to Mallory Daily for her time and excellent feedback in editing this post! "Realize that everything connects to everything else.” -Leonardo Da Vinci These words ring true across experiences, but a particularly tangible expression can be … Continue reading Cover Crops: Ecosystem Superheroes

An Agricultural Act

Consumers in the United States, when driven by the knowledge of the impact their purchases have, can be powerful agents of change in this global economy. Whether their purchases increase wages for agricultural workers, increase soil fertility or biodiversity in a region, preserve the rain forest, or simply lead them to ask questions about these products, something good is in the works. This post explores the weight behind various labels in the grocery store, and is targeted at those who aspire to learn more about their food!

The Greenhouse – Intuitive Technology that Harbors Well Being

Farmers and gardeners today are tackling the challenges associated with long-term sustainability, fossil fuel costs, and the need to grow food in places with changing climates. Cold winters, harsh summers, excessive rain and drought, and many other meteorological factors are motivating farmers to grow food in controlled, reliable environments. An obstacle in this endeavor is the fact that greenhouses today typically utilize external energy sources, such as heaters and fans, that require electricity and fuel. These energy costs can be discouraging limitations, and also present negative environmental impacts if fossil fuels are used. Although temporarily inhibiting, these challenges provide an open door for innovation to intervene and provide solutions!