Farm Hack

I recently was referred to visit Farm Hack, an amazing open source tool for users seeking to share resources regarding “resilient agriculture.” Users can post their designs, questions, start conversations, and share experiences using various practices and agricultural designs. Check it out!

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.03.52 AM

How can you use Farm Hack? I’m learning this as we speak! You can sign in with a username and password, create a profile and begin posting. For example, one user posted a DIY post-harvest root washer: “An open-source root washer that can be built sturdily with NO WELDING. Thanks to SARE for helping make this project happen!” ( They added AutoCAD drawings and designs, a materials list, and photos. If a particular tool like this interests you, you can sign up for updates to its Wiki page. Organizations or individuals can join and post and other members of the site can contact one another with ideas and questions. There’s also a forum to start conversations on different topics. It seems like a great resource! Open source models such as this one will empower and propel hosts of assertive and driven people to get started with projects that can revitalize and strengthen local communities.


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