Hello! My name is Sami.

I work to build partnerships and develop metrics to further the implementation of sustainable practices in agriculture. Whether collaborating with industry leaders, farmers or non-profit organizations, I promote practices that improve soil health, especially the use of cover crops, diverse crop rotations, and minimal to no-till practices. I’m exploring the potential for these practices to increase crop yields and farm profits, sequester stable soil carbon, tighten up nutrient cycles, and conserve water resources.

I’m also a chef (in my own kitchen), a reader, a partner, and a friend. I’m learning about the world, how to plant and grow seeds, and what it means to live a meaningful life.

To live in a world governed by intentionality & mindfulness, where empathy abounds, love is the currency, and nature is embraced- that’s the reality I desire.

If you enjoy similar values, or want to talk about the food system, feel free to contact me with an email at: samitell@gmail.com


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