Hello! My name is Sami.

A Missouri native, I now live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I can be found exploring trails and touring farms and gardens, and I appreciate building community and having thoughtful conversations.

My degree is in biological engineering with much of my experience in sustainable agriculture. I’m energized by soil health, cover crops and compost, and I’m inspired by compassionate, innovative and Earth-minded farmers and ranchers.

Environmental stewardship is the passion of my life, and I’ve come to see food as one of the most direct connections that human beings have to the environment. I find meaning and fulfillment in time spent exploring this connection and envisioning ways in which it can be strengthened, sustained and celebrated.

A little bit more about my work:

I work as a project manager with the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SARE) and University of Missouri-Extension (working remotely from Oregon). The majority of my time is spent researching and developing resources about cover crops and soil health, like these Cover Crop Presentations available for use by educators.

One project I’ve been working on is a review and synthesis of existing scientific literature documenting the impacts of cover crops on soil loss, nutrient loss, water infiltration and soil organic matter in agricultural production systems.  Using this data, I worked with others at SARE and the EPA to create educational resources for the general public, which are available in the SARE Cover Crop Topic Room. I’m also working with some colleagues to organize SARE’s National “Our Farms, Our Future” conference to be held in April 2018, and I enjoy the lively and inspiring discussions the conference’s theme insights. What’s not to love about asking big questions of some of the best and brightest farmers, ranchers, researchers, educators and visionaries in today’s sustainable agriculture world?!

My work is guided by three questions:

  1. How can we profitably produce food in a way that restores natural resources, protects biodiversity, strengthens communities and preserves the quality of air and water for generations to come?
  2. What role do sustainable agricultural practices, including cover crops and no-till management, have on mitigating climate change?
  3. How can we (everyone – farmers, educators, policy makers, and consumers) connect on the above topics in a way that promotes insightful, productive dialogue and inspires the transition of our food system into one built on the three tiers of sustainability?

This website is an opportunity to explore any of the above topics. And though it’s an excellent tool for me to develop writing skills and to encourage my continued education, this website is for YOU, too!

Please use this as a platform to connect with me and share your own insights and ideas. I look forward to connecting with you!



Some of the places, spaces and things that bring warmth to my heart:



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